Shihan John McClary Kumite and Bunkai Seminar

Sunday March 18, 2007

Shihan McClary's seminar was hosted by Shihan Georges Aschkar and Shihan Kai Leung. The seminar was a great success with over 70 participants.

Notable guests included Master Toyotaro Miyazaki plus many well known instructors:
Master Nakamura (represented), Shihan Cedric Barksdale, Shihan Cleve Baxter (represented), Shihan Andre Mason, Shihan Herb Wiles

Shihan McClary's Hyaku-Hachi-Ho

Seminar study of Hyaku-Hachi-Ho

Shihan McClary and senior instructors (from left)
Sensei Joseph Borgella (2), Shihan Aschkar (3)
Shihan McClary (4), Shihan Leung (5), Shihan Barksdale (6)
Sensei Ekici (7), Shihan Mason (8), Sensei Rodriquez (9)

Shihan McClary instructing kata

Shihan McClary is an international karate champion and instructor
known for his powerful and dynamic techniques

... Shihan McClary is a seventh-degree black belt who has competed as a member of the U.S. national team in (many) international Shotokan tournaments ...
Philadelphia Weekly

... students improved their form and worked on kata. Sensei McClary is quite a charismatic gentleman ...
American Samurai