Sensei Cleveland Baxter's

12th Annual Traditional Karate-Do Seminars & Championships
Valhalla New York • October 2006

We had a great time at Sensei Cleveland Baxter's annual tournament. The event was attended by athletes from the United States and Canada. Our Karate Federation was well represented and came home with a great deal of experience and many of the awards.
Shotokai Team

International Shotokai Federation members

Tony Skuflic and Sebastian Acosta

Shihan Leung with Tony Skuflic and Sebastian Acosta

Shotokai Adults

Shihan Leung with Edwin Concepcion and Victoria Angueira

Kassandra Cruz

Shihan Leung and Kassandra Cruz

Shotokai Youth

Michael Vasquez, Eric Soto, Eric Vasquez

All the competitors had a great learning experience and we look forward to attending Sensei Baxter's 2007 tournament!