In memory of a legendary martial artist

Sensei Quan's trademark tobe yoko-geri

Sensei Stuart Quan

October 17, 1962 - January 8, 2006

The world has lost a very dynamic, charismatic and talented martial artist. Sensei Stuart Quan was known as a martial art champion and top student of Sensei Greg Dow of the Rising Sun dojo in California. He later opened his own dojo in Fresno California.

Master Miyazaki with Sensei Stuart Quan
Celebrating championship performance at Empire State Championships

Tokutai Dojo 1979, Sensei Quan (left) sparring match refereed by Shihan Leung

When he came to train with us at Master Miyazaki's Tokutai dojo in 1979 he was well liked and became a close friend of Bruce Smolanoff and my self.

I remember the times when we went to all those tournaments on the east coast. I remember Sensei Quan's father filming us when he was kicking my neck, full power and with accuracy at a tournament we went to in New England. We had such great memories together. He was truly a great martial artist and human being.

He later became an actor and Hollywood stuntman. I would always go watch his movies. I was so excited when he got parts in the James Bond movie, A License to Kill and in Big Trouble in Little China using his martial arts skills.

Complete filmography.

Sensei Quan & Shihan Leung at Master Ozawa's Tournament in Las Vegas

When I met Sensei Quan at Master Osamu Ozawa's tournament a few years back, he told me that I should be very proud of my nephew, Ken Leung. He said acting was a very tough profession and said my nephew was one of the very few Asian actors to get consistent work in Hollywood. I will always thank him for his kind words.

Ken Leung & Danny Glover in Saw

Master Toyotaro Miyazaki and all who had known Sensei Stuart Quan will miss him greatly. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and students.