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Enthusiasts of Martial Arts have many reasons for studying at Kai Leung's Shotojuku Dojo.

Shihan Leung and Blackbelt Students

Focus and Power!!


Shihan Leung and Shidoin (Instructors)

Cooperation and Teamwork!!

Shihan Leung and Karate Youth

Shihan Kai Leung has an intensive background in the Martial Arts and had been offering instructions for over 30 years. The Shotokan style of Karate taught, emphasize rigorous physical training to develop the clean powerful linear and focus techniques that is world famous.

Shihan Kai Leung is the highest ranked disciple and most well known instructor of Master Toyotaro Miyazaki. Master Miyazaki was a direct disciple of Master Tomosaburo Okano. Master Okano studies directly from Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of the Shotokan school and his 3rd son Master Gigo Funakoshi.

Our Dojo has a long tradition of producing good students. We are proud of the many accomplishment of our students. We practice in a safe and structure environment.

Whether you are interested in developing a sound mind or a healthy body, our Dojo offers unlimited classes six days a week. We have separate classes for different levels and separate classes for children and adults.

Karate Youth Schedule


Our Dojo is clean, friendly and fully equipped. We offer special classes for Kata, Kobudo and Kumite training.

All members will be taught by Shihan and his top black belt assistants. Even if you have a busy schedule, we offer a number of programs that will fit your every day needs.

Kai Leung's Shotojuku